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3D Visualization can be a very challenging task. There are a lot of technical problems that could arise and need some sort of solution. Usually, a designer won’t have time to deal with these issues. Fatty Bull is here to help. A 3D Visualization Studio is comprised of the necessary talent and experience to combat any 3D challenge.

Architectural Render

Architecture Visualisation is one category I serve as a 3d Visualizer. But besides providing a visual3d service, I also consult Architects, Developers, Builders, and Designers which specific technology to use when it comes to their sales presentation.

3D Render Architecture

3d Architectural Visualisation consists of more than just providing architectural 3d rendering services. FattyBull is one of the best architectural visualisation companies in the U.S. using the latest cutting-edge Real-Time Technology.

FattyBull helps architects, designers, design agencies & creative agencies with 3d Visualisation. And beyond that, my 3d Architectural Rendering Company helps with visual marketing campaigns. Support for all your visual needs and to win new clients.

3D Visualizer Company

My 3D Visualizer Company is a U.S. based boutique Studio under architectural rendering firms. Feel free to check out examples of my architectural visualisation. Please feel free to reach out to my 3d architectural rendering firm and let me know how I can help you!

Exhibit Design & Retail Design | “may The Fattybull be with you”

My 3d Visualizer Portfolio can be found on my website. Still Images, Product Animations, or VR-Experiences. Fattybull doesn’t just belong to the category of architectural rendering firms. Among rendering companies, my 3d Studio serves Designers, Architects & Creative Heads for Exhibit, Event & Retail Design.

3D Visualizer Interior Design

Real Time Technology can be used for 3d interior design. Often times, Designers do have a brilliant creative idea. But finding a reliable partner that can visualize their vision is often times very difficult.

Many times, Designers end up searching for free interior design software. Then they try to learn tools, they usually don’t need. Or are to complex to learn to achieve in a very short period of time the results they are looking for.

If you are an interior design company, it’s the best if you chose a reliable partner that can visualize your visions in a fraction of time? FattyBull is also offering 3d rendering services that will help supporting all your digital marketing campaigns. I recommend to check out my 3d visualizer portfolio.

3D Visualizer Exhibit-Design-&-Retail-Design-Visualization
3D Visualizer Project: Exhibit Design & Retail Design Visualization

Feel Free and Download my latest Ray Tracing Example. Download the Project File + the 3D Demo for your PC. And if you haven’t seen yet, I also created a Cinematography Tutorial that also includes the entire Project File.

Finding an excellent architectural visualization studio can be hard. Usually the process involves scrolling thru hundreds of images of work and trying to tell if the work will satisfy the needs of your project. Are they creative enough? Do they have enough experience? Do they have a design eye?

This is where FattyBull get’s involved as a 3D Visualizer. Helping Designers all over the world to visualize their Design Ideas & Visions.

3D Design Visualization | Clay Render
3D Design Visualization | Fattybull The Professional Architectural Rendering Company
Exhibit Design | Retail Design 3D Visualization

Architectural Visualization Company & Beyond

In today’s post we are going to share our latest project. We did this 3D Render to showcase how FattyBull can match existing design elements. Also we wanted to demonstrate how we approach a digital re-production. Illustrating how the 3D Visualization will turn out compared to an existing exhibit space and actual photos.

For this project, we got inspired by the super cool Nike Exhibit Design Project “The Nike Noise Cancelling Collection” at the Nike House of Innovation.

We at FattyBull just really love the materials of that specific Design Piece. This inspired us to showcase what we can do – and that we can re-produce a digital 3D Render from an existing space. Besides, we found this space would be a great fit for any kind of product visualization.

So guess what? We couldn’t resist and re-created a digital space. A 3D Illustration that would match the real space, in terms of materials, light and color. A 3D Visualization that comes very close to the final Retail Design Project.

3D Visualization | Step by Step

FattyBull is a 3D Visualizer Company who doesn’t compete with Designers. We support Designers. Helping them visualize their concepts.

Our 3d rendering studio started this project as usual. We created a basic 3d model of the space. And we try to keep the 3D scene as simple as possible.

Before we create materials & shaders we start by building the space. Once this is done, a clay material will be assigned & we setup the proper lighting.

3D Visualizer Exhibit Rendering
3D Visualizer Exhibit Rendering

Once the lighting is done, we start setting up our cameras. Finding the right camera angle is a critical part of the process. Choosing the right lens, proper F-Stop and Depth of Field helps to create a photoreal render.

3D Visualisation contains many important components. Artwork just doesn’t start by creating materials and lights. Color, Composition, Art Direction combined with Creative Direction and Camera Work – all together should play together like an orchestra.

A professional 3d Architecture Studio should be able to combine different skill-sets. Because a simple computer 3d model just doesn’t do the magic. That’s why our 3d visualization services offers so much more than just an architecture illustration.

Often times, the Director of Photography is under valued. And especially if you want to consider yourself as a professional 3D Visualizer you should have an eye for photography.

3D Visualizer for Exhibit Design, Retail Render and 3D Visualization
Exhibit Design Retail Render 3D Visualization

3D Architectural Visualisation became a digital art and the roots go back to classic watercolor rendering.

However. for this example we tried to match the reference images & the existing Design Work. (see more reference images below – image copyright by coordination.asia)

3D Rendering from Photos

Digital 3D Inerior Render & reference images

The photos below have been used as a reference. All copyrights go to coordination.asia that created this striking installation for the Nike House of Innovation.

 Striking installation from coordination.asia
Striking installation from coordination.asia

Our goal was clear. We wanted to reproduce a digital 3d render – and we wanted to match the reference images as close as possible.

In our case we picked some other products, like simple teapots, a car and a Star Wars Fighter to showcase that we can rebuild literally anything that would be requested.

No limits to create. No matter how crazy your trade show idea might be. We will create a photoreal digital 3D Render to showcase your Design Idea.

Product Rendering & Photorealistic 3d

It’s important to setup every single project for success. Fast turnarounds and tight deadlines are nothing unusual in the Design industry. And we at FattyBull are prepared for that.

A professional 3D Visualizer has to deal with lot’s of different technical obstacles.

And of course it is important to use the best 3d visualization software and hardware to deliver design changes fast with high quality renders. You can see several examples on my main 3d visualizer website.

How FattyBull helps Designers to visualize their concept ideas

In general, FattyBull serves pretty much any Designer. It really doesn’t matter if it’s an Exhibit Designer, Retail Designer, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Product Designer or Event Designer, etc. etc. You name it.

If you are working in the Design Industry, then it’s crucial to create outstanding visuals. FattyBull will help you to make the right design choices. We support Designers with Material Studies, Light Studies, and the Visualization of Concept Designs.

3D Visualizer, Exhibit Design & Retail Design Visualization
Exhibit Design & Retail Design Visualization

Our 3D Design Company – and why we don’t compete with Designers

FattyBull will visualize what ever YOU desire. The fun part is for sure the creative process. We like to support Designers with all the technical Know-How. That helps every creative mind to develop their concept.

Different light studies & different material studies are essential for great design work. FattyBull is a 3D Visualizer Studio, that serves Creative Heads within many different creative industries.

May “The Fattybull” be with you

Working for over a decade within the Design Industry, we realized that we can help Designers the most, if we provide the proper technical knowledge.

3D Design Rendering

“We are specialists in the field of 3D Visualization to help Designers creating their ideas!

Our Goal: Let’s create amazing Creative Work – and let your work speak for itself to attract new potential clients.

The Fattybull will be with you – with our 3D Studio, you have a strong professional 3D Visualizer on your side. Our mission & vision statement is very clear.

#1 | Create Purposeful Imagery

My professional visuals are helping you to explain the benefits & purpose of your product and it helps you to increase conversion rates quickly.

#2 | Get Attention

Make your images irresistible. Get more attention, more likes, more engagement and win new clients without the need to sell.

#3 | Brand Identity

Create great visuals to showcase your Brand Identity and re-target potential new clients with ease.

Exhibit Design Visualization – a 3d digital re-production of the Nike Retail Space at the House of Innovation

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