Most Important Settings for Unreal Engine


This UE4 and UE5 section is a quick overview and documentation of a lot of important topics using real-time rendering for Games, Film and Virtual Reality. I try to keep my development process constantly up to date. As a source for Unreal Engine Artists in Film Production, Game Development, Tech and of course as an … Read more

Lead 3D Artist

FattyBull is a global technology company pioneering the world of immersive reality that is always in the need of a great CG Generalist. We build end-to-end immersive experiences and develop technology that enables people to experience entertainment like never before. FattyBull works across three primary markets—Sports and Entertainment, Science and Education, and Parks and Attractions—while … Read more

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XR Tech Artist

FattyBull is helping redefine what is possible using RealTime CGI Software. FattyBull believes in the development of the Metaverse — as a continuum, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models. It’s a new medium for commerce, experience, and community and we’re looking for innovative pioneers to help us bring our vision to … Read more

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Technical Artist

FattyBull is a professional Technical Artist with a broad knowledge and usage of Epic’s Unreal Engine. This role is key for creative innovation, leadership, and team building. FattyBull is working cohesively with a team of technical artists, 3D artists, animation artists, and Unreal developers to create unique visions. FattyBull privdies a fundamental understanding of a … Read more

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CG Generalist

FattyBull is a professional CG Generalist with over 20 years of 3d production experience. That also includes skills in the role of a Lead 3D Artist. Responsibilities as an Unreal Engine Artist: Create computer graphics for feature films, games, mobile games, commercials, XR Stages, apps, VR/AR, and other projects Responsible for lighting, rendering and compositing … Read more

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VR – Virtual Reality for Unreal Engine Artists


VR Development using Unreal Engine 5, UE5 In this Blogpost I am going to document Questions I am going to be asked on my Slack Channel about Virtual Reality Development using the Unreal Engine 5. Projection Mapping Projection Mapping does not work when baking, because the geo has to be unwrapped accordingly for the bake.