Most Important Settings for Unreal Engine

This UE4 and UE5 section is a quick overview and documentation of a lot of important topics using real-time rendering for Games, Film and Virtual Reality. I try to keep my development process constantly up to date. As a source for Unreal Engine Artists in Film Production, Game Development, Tech and of course as an … Read more

Unreal UE4 and Oculus Quest 2 VR Development

If you are using Unreal UE4 and you want to develop your first Oculus Quest 2 VR Game. Then you came to the right place. I am Bernhard aka FattyBull an Unreal Engine Artist. I am trying to document all mandatory steps to get this done. Especially for Beginners that want to learn how to … Read more

Tech Demo – Testing UE5, Nanite & Lumen

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo

Hi there. My name is Bernhard, I am an Unreal Engine Artist, born and raised in Austria, working and living in the U.S. for 18 years now. Like many others, I love film & cinematography. As a kid, I was watching the first epic Mad Max 1 movie with Mel Gibson. That specific style and … Read more

Unreal Engine VR Occulus Rift

What sofware do I need to install to package a VR application using UE4 4.27.2? In order to package your VR application, you need to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 with C++ installed, including all C++ Toolkits. You can download it from here: How to bake Ambient Occlusion for VR Applications using Unreal Engine … Read more

How To Create Game Ready Assets with Beveled Edges

And why it is NOT ideal to use Hard Edges Only If you are going to create a game-ready asset, then you should be aware of a major issue when using hard edges on your low-poly model. A hard edge is basically a non-beveled edge. No chamfering at all, no bevel at all. See the … Read more