Unreal Development

My name is Bernhard Rieder. I am a 3D Visualizer helping Unreal Engine Developer and companies to further develop real-time technology tools for a more efficient production pipeline and better user experience. The latest Lumen UE5 technology allows artists to illuminate 3d worlds with global illumination and ray tracing solutions. As a Look Development Artist, … Read more

3D Studio Lighting Setup | Real Time Brand Design Visualization

How to Design with Digital Ray Tracing and 3D Computer Graphics

Fast & Easy 3D Studio Setup with Lights and White & Dark Background. Just change colors and render different materials & design variations. Quick Render Setup. 12 seconds for a 1500×1500 pixel Image offline render. Very simple for Beginners and Pros. PLUS REAL TIME PROJECT. The Benefits of Real Time Visualization The short animation below … Read more

3D Visualizer | 3d Rendering Services

Exhibit Design Retail Design 3D Visualization

3D Visualization can be a very challenging task. There are a lot of technical problems that could arise and need some sort of solution. Usually, a designer won’t have time to deal with these issues. Fatty Bull is here to help. A 3D Visualization Studio is comprised of the necessary talent and experience to combat … Read more

Most Important Settings for Unreal UE4

Screen Space Global Illumination Normal Map Settings Rotating Texture Maps UVW Mapper http://www.uvmapper.com/downloads.html UV-Puppy Download Anisotropy PBR Material https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/Materials/MaterialInputs/#anisotropyandtangent Fresnel Falloff https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Rendering/Materials/HowTo/Fresnel/index.html Level Blueprints Setup Level Blueprint: Executive Command Console: stat unit stat enginestat fps Datasmith Prep Enable Dataprep Editor Console Commands: r.ScreenPercentage 25; r.SetRes 1280×720; STATISTICS for TEXTURES Window–>Statistics PROFILING – GPU Profile Manager … Read more

FattyBull’s 3D House

What’s This All About? Learn 3D, make a Living with 3D. Live a Lifestyle you’ve never seen before and build a long-term sustainable business with FattyBull. 3D Artists struggle to make a living. First comes a super expensive education in college. But even that alone doesn’t guarantee that you will get a job in the … Read more