My most important Zbrush Techniques & Features Select Polygroups CTRL+SHIFT and Select

How To Create Game Ready Assets with Beveled Edges

And why it is NOT ideal to use Hard Edges Only If you are going to create a game ready asset, then you should be aware of a major issue when using hard edges on your low-poly model. A hard edge is basically a non-beveld edge. No chamfering at all, no bevel at all. See … Read more

Blender Hotkeys

Blender Isolate Object Shift+H to isolate the object Alt+H to Exit the isolate mode Blender Clean Up Mesh Select the Object Edit Mode Press A to Select All Tab–>Mesh–>Clean Up–>Merge by Distance Blender Recalculate Normals Select Object Pres Tab for Edit Mode Press A to Select All Press Alt+N Select Recalculate Outside Blender Join Geometry … Read more

Unreal Development

My name is Bernhard Rieder. I am a 3D Visualizer helping Unreal Engine Developer and companies to further develop real-time technology tools for a more efficient production pipeline and better user experience. The latest Lumen UE5 technology allows artists to illuminate 3d worlds with global illumination and ray tracing solutions. As a Look Development Artist, … Read more

3D Studio Lighting Setup | Real Time Brand Design Visualization

How to Design with Digital Ray Tracing and 3D Computer Graphics

Fast & Easy 3D Studio Setup with Lights and White & Dark Background. Just change colors and render different materials & design variations. Quick Render Setup. 12 seconds for a 1500×1500 pixel Image offline render. Very simple for Beginners and Pros. PLUS REAL TIME PROJECT. The Benefits of Real Time Visualization The short animation below … Read more