Most Important Settings for Unreal Engine


This UE4 and UE5 section is a quick overview and documentation of a lot of important topics using real-time rendering for Games, Film and Virtual Reality. I try to keep my development process constantly up to date. As a source for Unreal Engine Artists in Film Production, Game Development, Tech and of course as an … Read more

VR – Virtual Reality for Unreal Engine Artists


VR Development using Unreal Engine 5, UE5 In this Blogpost I am going to document Questions I am going to be asked on my Slack Channel about Virtual Reality Development using the Unreal Engine 5. Projection Mapping Projection Mapping does not work when baking, because the geo has to be unwrapped accordingly for the bake.

Unreal UE4 and Oculus Quest 2 VR Development

If you are using Unreal UE4 and you want to develop your first Oculus Quest 2 VR Game. Then you came to the right place. I am Bernhard aka FattyBull an Unreal Engine Artist. I am trying to document all mandatory steps to get this done. Especially for Beginners that want to learn how to … Read more

Tech Demo – Testing UE5, Nanite & Lumen

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo

Hi there. My name is Bernhard, I am an Unreal Engine Artist, born and raised in Austria, working and living in the U.S. for 18 years now. Like many others, I love film & cinematography. As a kid, I was watching the first epic Mad Max 1 movie with Mel Gibson. That specific style and … Read more

Unreal Engine VR Occulus Rift


What sofware do I need to install to package a VR application using UE4 4.27.2? In order to package your VR application, you need to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 with C++ installed, including all C++ Toolkits. You can download it from here: How to bake Ambient Occlusion for VR Applications using Unreal Engine … Read more

How To Create Game Ready Assets with Beveled Edges

And why it is NOT ideal to use Hard Edges Only If you are going to create a game-ready asset, then you should be aware of a major issue when using hard edges on your low-poly model. A hard edge is basically a non-beveled edge. No chamfering at all, no bevel at all. See the … Read more