How To Improve Your Design Process & Win New Clients

How to improve your Design Process

My Real Time 3D Visualization Service helps Design Studios to optimize their Design Process. FattyBull is the superior help for tight deadlines & fast turnarounds while maintaining the maximum possible quality. I am using the latest technology that allows me to support Designers with Quick Material Studies & Super Fast Lighting Studies. At the same … Read more

Retail Space – Experience Design for any Shop

Retail Space - Experience Design for any Shop

3D Visualization in Real Time for Maximum Support creating Material & Lighting Studies to Design a Retail Space’s & Unique Experiences. A unique Shop Design requires a lot of Creativity and Knowledge about the Retail Industry. Not everything is about a cool design. Much more important is the Retail Experience customers get when they go … Read more

Minecraft Ray Tracing


Download my latest Minecraft Ray Tracing Example FREE to play. It’s my Halloween Special where Minecraft meets Paragon. What the heck does that mean? Well.. check it out right here… When Nvidia announced that Real Time Ray Tracing will be supported with their RTX Technology I got totally hooked. I mean, literally, I got addicted … Read more

Architectural Rendering Service – and what you should know about!

Architectural Rendering Service

What’s the real value of Architectural Design Visualization? Creating High-End Architectural Renderings can be very challenging. Lot’s of technical knowledge, experience and time is needed to produce quality architectural visualizations. The good news: The production costs don’t have to go through the roof when hiring a professional & qualified 3D Studio in the US. How … Read more