Hulk vs. Kong (Work in Progress / First Lighting Pass)

Personal Project with my friend Dicco Thomas who did the animation. Testing UE5, look dev, lighting, shading, animation, cache files, etc. to be continued.

UE5 Mad Max

Working on my personal Mad Max Game. Real-Time Sequence, using Volumetric Clouds, Fog, Sky System with Lumen and Nanite.

Personal Animation Project

Did this project with a few friends of mine. The first smart-shoe in the world.

UE4 – WETA’s Meerkats & my personal camera work

Used WETA’s wonderful Demo scene to add my own camera work and to tweak a bit the lighting. Adding highlights to the eyes, etc.

UE4 – Cinematic Look Dev Test plus Wind Simulation

Creating and setting up a Game Level with different assets for Look Development, Layout, Camera.

Behind the Scenes – Testing UE4 Real Time Lighting & Atmo

Blade Runner – In Honor for Rudger Hauer (RIP)

Quick Setup using Real-Time Lighting in UE4.

Minecraft Hack for UE4 Real Time Look Development

Got the idea to use some Minecraft Blocks for a ray-traced game version inside the Unreal Engine. Also testing some Mocap files.

Gangnam Style in UE4

Interior Setup, Lighthing, Shading, Mocap Sync, Camera, Layout

UE4 Behind the Scenes – THRILLER


Using low poly game characters, mocap & sync for THRILLER.

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