Retail Space – Experience Design for any Shop

Retail Space - Experience Design for any Shop

3D Visualization in Real Time for Maximum Support in creating Material & Lighting Studies to Design a Retail Spaces & Unique Experiences.

Retail Experience – Designing with Real-Time Ray Tracing

A unique Shop Design requires a lot of Creativity and Knowledge about the Retail Industry. Not everything is about a cool design. Much more important is the Retail Experience customers get when they go shopping.

To Experience Design in a very unique way, Retail Design Companies are coming up with a ton of Creative Design Ideas.

Real-Time Visualization

Explaining the 3D Real-Time Design Process

However. One of the biggest challenges Retail Designers are facing is the ability to Craft & Visualize their Concepts in a very fast way. Most of the time, it’s impossible to build a Store Front or a Window Display with all the final finishes, materials, or lighting scenarios.

And of course, it’s another fact, that designing a Retail Space requires a lot of different iterations until a specific Theme will fulfill the client’s requirements & needs.

Store Front Window Display – Designing & Visual Merchandising in Real Time

The factor time becomes very expensive – but not just that. Designers truly suffer to not have the ability to actually SEE & VISUALIZE their Full Concept Design before it’s even built-in reality.

I personally enjoy adding cinematic trailers & teasers. It’s crystal clear, that great cinematography helps to present your concept design. Check out my Cinematography Tutorial if you haven’t seen that yet.

Behind the Scenes – designing a Retail Store Front with Real-Time Ray Tracing

That’s a huge disadvantage for Designers who are pumped to Create unique Retail Spaces that gives customers a very special Design Experience.

Different Materials can be applied & tested instantly

Ideally, it would be great to build Mockups for any Scenario. But let’s face it. There is a problem with real physical Mockups.

Mockups are very expensive & very time consuming

Store Front of a Retail Concept Idea – Designed in Real Time
  • Who can afford to build a Retail Concept Design in his Studio?
  • And who has the time to do it?
  • And how much money can you burn on concepts and pitches?

We all know, that this process can be done – but it’s for sure not for any company & budget. But luckily, there is a new technology that combines hardware, software, and digital creative artists to Create Digital Mockups. I am a 3D Visualizer, and I am always looking for the best possible solutions to support Designers with their ideas.

My Digital Mockup Studio

Store Front Retail Space added to the City of Hill Valley – Back to the Future

That’s what I do here at FattyBull. My focus is clear. I built a seamless and powerful Workflow for the maximum support of Designers. A Digital Mockup Place that allows Designers to literally go crazy with their Creative Ideas! A digital place that’s fun to work.

How can I support a Designer with a Digital Mockup, that allows the Creative Director and Designer to Create any Visual Concept at a fraction of the Time & Cost?

And here we go. I created a solution, that brings those three elements together. And finally allows Designers to Visualize their Concept Ideas in Real Time.

The Three Amigos

Concept Shoe X – powered with the Flux Capacitor from Dr. E. Brown

The Three Amigos & Components I merge seamlessly together:

  • Technology (Hardware GPU Accelerated Power)
  • Software (Real Time Ray Tracing Engines)
  • Creative Designer (Human Creativity)

A Designer has to consider lots of different factors. Color Pallets, the actual space of the store, the product design, the lighting, the theme, the story, the user experience, etc., etc. etc. What’s feasible to do, and that’s a BIG NO NO.

Designing a really cool Retail Space also requires a lot of Visual Concepts. Especially Material & Lighting Studies are important. What colors work the best? What materials and which finishes will support the best retail experience?

Find here more Real-Time Ray Tracing Examples.

3D Product Visualization in Real Time

As a Designer, you want to test a lot. you want to create, craft and experiment and actually, SEE immediately how all the components TOGETHER will look like.

This important Design Process is HUGE for any Designer. And it makes me super happy that I’ve developed a workflow, pipeline, and process that specifically supports that very important design process.

I created a 3D DIGITAL MOCKUP place that helps Designers to Visualize their Concept Ideas in Real Time. That’s very powerful and gives any Designer the ability to run Material & Light Studies in Real Time.

What does REAL TIME MEAN for Designers?

Future Retail Design with the Help of 3D Visualization in Real Time

Real-Time basically means, there is no more time required to process and “render” digital images. The old-school 3D Visualization Process is still a valid option to visualize concepts. To output 3D Stills and 3D Animations.

But the big difference between Real-Time 3D Visualization and the old school 3D Visualisation is the fact, that Real Time does NOT require any waiting time to output those 3D Renders.

This is a huge advantage. Because it allows the Designer to make immediate Material and Lighting changes – and the Computer will process the result immediately. That means you can SEE and Visualize your Concept Design in an instant.

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