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For all my Roblox Fans. Please find below a list of active Roblox Forums. Great resources you should check out if you want to make your own Roblox Game.

Official Roblox Forums

DevForum is currently the only user-driven forum hosted by Roblox. This is the go-to place to find news, updates, and other community resources catered towards Roblox Developers.

The Roblox Forums was the place for regular Roblox users to converge and create threads and post answers. The topics and threads were nearly entirely user-generated, guided only by the main categories of all things Roblox. The forums were closed on December 11th, 2017, following a series of “raids” from influencers on Youtube and Twitch. The reason for the removal of the Forums was cited as the inability to properly moderate and uphold Roblox’s Standards and Terms of Service on the current state of the Forums. An unofficial archive of the Roblox Forums exists at

This is the message users returning after 11/12/2017

Unofficial web forums

R/Roblox is one of the largest unofficial Roblox communities. The topics and content of the server are 100% user-driven and moderated. The number of users subscribed to the content of this forum is just under 550,000. The site,, hosts many different unique Roblox communities gathering around popular groups, games, and subcommunities.

R/RobloxGameDev is the largest community of Roblox developers. All forms of questions and content are generated with the Terms of Service being loose, but still accepting of the possible younger users on the forum. A sum of 103,000 users subscribed to the content of this forum.

V3rmillion is infamous for its shady exploiting and trading scenes, however, is one of, if not THE most popular forum website for Roblox. Even with a registration process dedicated to this website, it has accumulated over 571,500 user accounts. is a community focused on Roblox scripting. It supports both studios and exploits scripting and found over 82,000 registered user accounts.

Roblox Forum is a dedicated website to host Forums only about Roblox. There are roughly 47,000 user accounts on this website.

Discord Developer Communities

Roblox Studio Community is the largest Studio Developer forum hosted on the Discord platform and has just under 38,000 members. This community uses discord features to create threads that users can answer to help one another.

Roblox Developers is another large community of Studio Developers with loose conduct for adults and mature users. It supports a less organized help forum for a base of 20,000 users.

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