UE5: How To Setup Blending Materials with Runtime Virtual Textures


Create RVT Texture

Texture–> Runtime Virtual Texture

  • Create one for Height
  • Create one for the Material you want to use for blending

RVT Height

RVT Matrerial you would like to Blend

Size of Virtual Texture tiles set to 1024, Base, Color, Normal, Roughness, Spec

Create Runtime Virtual Texture Volumes

Assign RVT Textures to Landscape

Landscape Material

Add the following network

Material of the Object you would like to Blend with the Landscape


Whenever you create a new Level, or you delete the Landscape and you create a new Landscape.
You need to create new Virtual Texture Volumes. One for the Height and one for the Landscape Material. If you don’t do that, the blending will fail and appear black.

Means, existing Virtual Texture Volumes from deleted Landscapes, or imported Landscapes, or Levels being saved as new Levels… require to generate new Virtual Texture Volumes. Delete the old ones, and create new ones.

Blurry Virtual Texture

If the Landscape Material appears to be blurry, you can change the settings:

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