Stylized Landscape Painting


How to Create Stunning Stylized Landscape Paintings

Techniques, Tips, and Trends

Stylized Art and especially Landscape painting has been a popular genre of art for centuries, capturing the beauty of nature and the changing seasons. However, in recent years, artists have been exploring new ways to depict landscapes, experimenting with styles that push the boundaries of traditional representation.

One such style is stylized landscape painting, which emphasizes bold shapes, vivid colors, and expressive brushwork to create unique and captivating landscapes. In this article, we’ll explore the techniques, tips, and trends for creating stunning stylized landscape paintings.

Stylized Art Landscape Painting
Stylized Art Landscape Painting

Techniques to Create Stylized Landscape Paintings:

Simplify Shapes:

Stylized landscape paintings often feature simplified shapes that focus on the essential elements of the scene. Start by identifying the key shapes in your composition, such as mountains, trees, or bodies of water, and then simplify them into bold, graphic shapes that emphasize their form.

Stylized Landscape Painting with simplified shapes
Stylized Landscape Painting with simplified shapes

Experiment with Color:

Color is a crucial element in stylized landscape painting, with artists often using bright, vivid colors to convey the energy and vibrancy of the scene. Consider using a limited color palette, such as complementary colors or analogous colors, to create a harmonious and impactful painting.

Stylized landscape painting experiment with color
Stylized landscape painting experiment with color

Play with Texture

Texture adds depth and interest to a painting, and stylized landscape paintings often feature bold, expressive brushwork that creates a sense of movement and energy. Experiment with different types of brushstrokes, such as thick impasto strokes or loose, gestural marks, to add texture and visual interest to your painting.

Tips To Create a Stylized Landscape Painting:

I also created a Stylized Art 101 Post that has even more interesting information for Beginner. It gives you an overview and a little guide to help you getting started.

Observe Nature:

While stylized landscape painting often takes liberties with reality, it’s essential to observe nature and understand the elements that make up a scene. Take note of the colors, shapes, and textures that you see in nature and use them as inspiration for your painting.

Edit Your Composition:

Stylized landscape paintings often feature a simplified composition that emphasizes the most important elements of the scene. As you’re sketching and planning your painting, consider editing out any unnecessary details or elements that detract from the overall impact of the painting.

Use Reference Photos:

While stylized landscape painting is about expressing your own vision and style, reference photos can be a helpful starting point for creating a strong composition. Look for photos with strong shapes, interesting lighting, and unique color combinations to inspire your painting.

Trends and Styles for Stylized Landscape Painting:


Expressionism is a style of art that emphasizes emotional expression over realism, and it’s a popular trend in stylized landscape painting. Expressionist paintings often feature bold, gestural brushstrokes, vivid colors, and a sense of energy and movement that conveys the artist’s emotional response to the landscape.


Stylized landscape painting often takes a more abstract approach to representation, with artists simplifying and distorting shapes to create a unique and intriguing composition. Abstraction can take many forms, from simplified shapes and colors to completely non-representational paintings that evoke a mood or emotion.

Contemporary Landscapes:

While traditional landscape painting often focuses on pastoral scenes and idyllic countryside, contemporary stylized landscape painting explores a wider range of landscapes, from urban environments to industrial landscapes to fantastical worlds. This trend reflects the changing relationship between humans and nature and encourages artists to explore new and exciting ways of depicting the world around us.

Interesting thoughts about Stylized Art and Landscape Paintings

Stylized landscape painting offers artists a unique and exciting way to explore the beauty and complexity of nature. By experimenting with techniques, observing nature, and embracing new trends, artists can create stunning paintings that capture the essence of a landscape while expressing their own vision and style. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner.

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