Thoughts on AI-Generated Art


My short personal statement about AI Generated Art

My personal thoughts about AI-Generated Art, and I try to keep them short because I don’t really want to get into any political art discussion here. Is AI Art bad? Is it a form of cheap cheating to create Art? How bad is it for us Humanoid Artists?

Stylized AI Art

Facts are facts. Number one. AI Art will not go away. AI Art is AI Art. And it’s not Art that I would ever compare with any personal humanoid, handcrafted art. I differentiate AI Art from humanoid Art. That’s it. End of story.

You will find also a lot of AI-created Art on my IG Account. But that does automatically mean, I don’t create personal 3D Stylized Art? Does it automatically mean, I don’t use 3d modeling tools, or I don’t do digital sculpting? Nope. It doesn’t. And as you get to know me, you will also learn and see that on my blog, and in all the videos I am sharing on my YouTube Channel.

I remember the days, digital computer graphics and digital computer art began to rise. That was about 20 years ago. Traditional artists claimed that digital art can and will never replace “traditional art”. And you know what. Damm, sure they have been right. Because a handpainted Portrait will always be a handpainted portrait on canvas. A different medium, real colors, real drawing, real paint, with real brush strokes.

But did it stop the Stylized Art Creation in our digital world? Nope, it didn’t. And years later, we shifted from digital 2d drawings into the world of 3D. And then, the rise of 3D Art Creation started. Digital 3D Modeling and Digital 3D Sculpting revolutionized the world of Stylized Art Creation.


Different Technology combined with different applications transformed Art Creation. 3D Tools like Zbrush made it happen to become a digital Sculpting Artist. Or look at the latest Success Story from American Digital Artist Mike Winkleman aka Beeple Crap. He even mentioned in the Joe Rogan Podcast, he is purchasing 3D Models for $20 bucks or less and doesn’t necessarily model all the time to create his so-called Everydays. He is mainly assembling his art this way for years.

Does “his way” of making “his art” not qualify anymore to be an Artist? Because he didn’t draw his pieces? He didn’t model the assets he is using. Or what about the different render engines? Materials, Shaders, Textures, etc.?

Where do we draw a line? I am not here to tell people how they should think about AI Art, Digital Art, or any Art. But for me, I would never say or never claim Beeple isn’t an Artist. For me, Mike is a real & true Artist, who is expressing his style and ideas through his form of Artwork. It’s his way to do art. And there are absolutely no rules. It’s the Freedom of Art, that we should keep holy!

And wait for the next level. We are slowly diving into 4D Art. VR Art is coming and you can already find people creating digital sculptures in VR. As you can see. Technology is changing, and tools and the medium of Art are changing fast. And it’s non-stoppable.

Is AI Generated Art Dangerous for Humanoid Artists?

I wouldn’t claim it’s dangerous. But I would claim, it will for sure steal jobs. Think about it. Marketing Companies are always looking for more affordable solutions. Companies that make a living by selling Pictures and also make a huge living from their copyrights will get into some trouble.

But that doesn’t worry me as an Artist. Because those big Companies literally pay the Artists pennies, and they buy the copyrights and grow massive and profit massively. But the tiny Artist gets paid little or nothing and is left behind.

Stylized Art
Stylized Art

I will not mention brand names here. But just see what’s going on with so-called stock photo companies. Or look into all the Marketing Agencies. They always need Images, cool looking photos to attract more customers. For all their Social Media Campaigns and their plans to grow their Business.

Is it cheaper for them to use AI-generated Art? Quicker, Faster? The answer is short and simple. Yes. It is. If an agency can save money to quickly produce any kind of image. They will do that. And you can’t Stop them from doing what they want to do. And AI Art is already out there.

As I said before. AI Art will not go away anymore. So it’s better to focus on your skills, go vertical and find your niche as an Artist, so you can hopefully make a living with what you are doing. I will cover more about this in my blog. But this is definitely not the Art Creatin Section. It all belongs to the Art Business Section.

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