XR Tech Artist

FattyBull is helping redefine what is possible using RealTime CGI Software. As an Unreal Engine Artist, I believe in the development of the Metaverse — as a continuum, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models. It’s a new medium for commerce, experience, and community and we’re looking for innovative pioneers to help us bring our vision to live responsibly, generating sustainable and diverse value in the short and long term.

FattyBull is passionate about business strategists, creatives, architects, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs—and works with pioneering ecosystem partners, forward-thinking regulators, and industry influencers who are collectively ushering in the next evolution of how we engage and interact with the world.

The Work as XR Tech Artist

Besides being a CG Generalist and Technical Artist. An Unreal Engine Artist is creating efficient 3D art for world-class Extended Reality (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality) experiences.

Shaping project outcomes by helping to establish and understand the visual intent of a project’s art style and translating it into intuitive, high-level art. Undertaking research and information gathering prior to the commencement of a new task.

Collaborating with programmers to ensure the art’s technical approach is in line with the intended result. Being a conduit of honest and constructive feedback both up and down the chain.

Contributing to the development of the artistic techniques and processes utilized to define and achieve the product’s visual style. You must be proactive in developing new techniques and workflows.  

Managing risks by taking responsibility for the schedule and output of the Tech Art Team and maintaining a good general knowledge of the game’s design to facilitate communication and enable early identification of issues.

What’s In It For You?

Working with FattyBull means continually pushing boundaries in responsible and sustainable ways.

FattyBull is working on meaningful and innovative projects that radically change the way clients view what is possible while engaging in transformational initiatives powered by the latest Metaverse technologies.

FattyBull provides ongoing support in your learning and growth and eventually help define the Metaverse as it continues to evolve and take shape.

FattyBull is working with a diverse team of metaverse-skilled professionals with market-leading capabilities dedicated to designing, executing, and accelerating our clients’ metaverse journeys. The time is now to think big, start small and scale fast.

FattyBull’s experience:

  • 20 years of professional experience 
  • 20y ears’ core artistic toolset: Design, Composition, Material description, Rendering 
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

Professional Skills:

  • Organized, informed, creative 
  • Experience with large team content pipelines 
  • Unity advanced shaders 

Bonus points:

  • Experience with the Unreal 4 game engine 
  • Unreal advanced shaders, Blueprints 
  • PBR, Photogrammetry, Mocap 
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