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Unreal Engine Artist

I am a Disruptive Designer & Digital 3D Visualization Artist based in California using Epic’s Unreal Engine UE5. I like to create Stylized Art, Look Development, Lighting, Shading, and Rendering and I love to create Cinematic Camera Animations (Layout + Previz).

I help 3D Visualization Studios, VFX Production Studios, Game Companies & Creative Agencies with Cinematic Films, Commercials, Teasers & Trailers.

As an Unreal Engine Artist, I also help Creative Production Companies to build their pipelines and establish an efficient workflow for Real-Time Productions and VR Experiences. I furthermore operate digital 3D Film Cameras within the UE5 Sequencer and set up different Lighting Scenarios for VR Cinematography.

My strong passion for 3D Design contributes also to Game Level Design and VR Applications. I help production companies in the creation and optimization process of 3D Assets for Virtual Reality Applications.

That includes Stylized Art & asset creation, modeling, texturing, shading, look development, lighting, CMF Design Studies (Color, Material, Finish), and the creation of PBR Materials with various different Shader Domains. I am using the latest and greatest technology, mixed media, including AI Art to generate 3D Digital Assets.

To learn more about my 3D work please check out my 3D Art Blog and some of my work in my FattyBull Artstation Portfolio.

Bernhard Rieder aka FattyBull

My work contributed:
BLUR, MPC, ReelFX, Rooster Teeth, Virtuos Games, Boeing, Nike, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes, etc.

Inquiries: go@fattybull.com
Text: +1 971-506-3009

Bernhard Rieder aka FattyBull
Silicon Valley, South Bay
Redwood City, CA 94063

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