FattyBull – UE4 Unreal Engine Artist & Service

I am a 3D Visualizer & Director of Photography using Epic’s Unreal Engine UE4 + UE5. I create Cinematic Camera Animations (Layout + Previz) as well as Final Renderings. Look Development, Lighting, Shading & Rendering in the field of Real-Time Virtual Production. I help 3D Visualization Studios, VFX Production Studios, Game Companies & Creative Agencies with Cinematic Films, Commercials, Teasers & Trailers.

I help Virtual Production Companies as a Stage Monitor Operator and assist Directors & Producers with a mix of creative and technical setups to shoot the digital film within the Stagecraft Environment.

Among that, I offer Art Direction & Creative Direction for Digital Concepts, Level Design, Virtual Sets, Materials & Lighting Studies (CMF Studies).

My work contributed:
BLUR, MPC, ReelFX, Rooster Teeth, Virtuos Games, Roblox, etc.

Inquiries: go@fattybull.com
Text: +1 971-506-3009

Connect with me: Linkedin | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Vimeo

Below you’ll find some various personal Unreal Engine Projects.

Porsche Lego
Boeing C17
Exhibit Design Visualization