Unreal Engine Artist

Welcome to my personal blog in the world of 3D. As an Unreal Engine Artist, the Unreal Engine is my playground for Level Design, Look Development, Lighting, Shading, Camera, Cinematography, Cinematic Previz, Layout, Motion Graphics (Avalanche) and VR. 

Unreal Engine Artist, 3D Artist, Blender Artist, Creative Director
Unreal Engine Artist, 3D Artist, Blender Artist, FattyBull

3D Artist

Wearing the hat as a diviersified Real-Time 3D Artist is essential.  I create Digital Assets, 3D Models and Environments that feed into multiple platforms. 

My expertise lies in designing and 3d modeling props and immersive environments used for the Unreal Engine, Roblox Studio, Apple Vision Pro, Quest Metaverse, Nvidia Omniverse or Unity.

Blender Artist

As a Blender Artist, I focus on 3d modeling efficient low-poly game assets and hard surface models, with optimized  UVs.

Including trim sheets and UDIMs to optimize textures, for the art of mobile game asset creation.

Substance Painter, Designer, Sampler and Marmoset Toolbag are my go-to tools for applying textures and materials, baking and enhancing the visual fidelity and depth of my creations.

Zbrush is my favorite choice when it comes to digital sculpting high-resolution details.

3D Portfolio

My 3d portfolio showcases my expertise across various tools and industries, designed to bring creative visions to life. 

I blend diverse roles in 3D artistry with cutting-edge AI technology, like Midjourney, Dalle, Stabel Diffusion or Firefly, for innovative Concept Art, Motion Graphics, Cinematography and procedural texture creation.

3D Work | Portfolio using UE5, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Designer, Sampler, Marmoset Toolbag, Shapr3d, 3dsmax, Maya and several 3d Plugins

Gunther & Friends

Join Gunther and his crew as they attempt a workout session, including a bit of running, all in real-time animation using Unreal Engine 5. It’s fitness and fun rolled into one!

Custom Metahuman

I’m crafting my custom Metahumans, using ZBrush and Substance Painter to sculpt and paint & Unreal Engine to bring them to life. 

Mad Max Demo

Revving up for the “Mad Max Demo.” I’m diving into modeling and texturing the iconic Last V8 for my dystopian “Waterland” animation. Get ready for some apocalyptic Unreal Scenes.

DP Meerkat Short

It’s a blast to be behind the camera for WETA’s Meerkat Demo, capturing some epic shots. I’m also on board for DP work with the updated Unreal Engine 5.0. Let’s make movie magic happen!

Cinematic Short

I’m stoked to show my cinematic short project! Big shoutout to the awesome PixelPool Team and Maarten van Dooren for his constant positive support.

Motion Graphhics PixelPool Logo Animation

Introducing PixelPool Motion Graphics logo animation, glistening like pure gold, marking a dazzling decade of exceptional animation work. Thanks a bunch for the great time!

Our Last Day

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever. 


Hulk vs. Kong

Speedy UE5 Animation Test, covering everything from level setup and camera work, layout. Big shoutout to my friend Dicco Thomas (ILM) for his killer animation work.

Rieder Blut

Here’s a quick rundown of “Rieder Blut,” a short UE5 intro animation. I’m handling the modeling, shading, rendering, camera work, and layout.

DP FattyBull

I’m immersed in the world of visual storytelling and digital creation, handling DP, camera work, layout, level design, lighting, shading, rendering, and animation.

VR Tech Demo

Download my VR Tech Demo featuring a mind-blowing +20 million polygons, powered by Nanite and Lumen technology, plus Volumetric Dynamic Lighting Effects.  Quest 2 is waiting for you!

Eternal Love

Weaving the tale of John, scripted by my own hand, and streamlining the animation process with AI-generated visuals. Together, we’ll breathe life into this story in a truly distinctive and enthralling manner!

Organic 3D Style

Cooking up another batch of abstract forms and shapes in 3D for yet another funky and mind-bending animation. Let’s keep the creative vibes flowing!

Nicolas Karl Otto Rieder

Creating a short visual storytelling experience depicting the “Attack on the Capitol of Vienna,” enhanced with AI-generated imagery to bring history to life in a unique and immersive way.

Canon - Love at First Sight

Working on a sleek Canon product animation, from concept to camera, shading, lighting, and rendering. Let’s make this product shine!

Aviation Dream

Creating a few cool camera moves for our aviation enthusiasts experiencing the thrill of a drone taxi ride. Let’s capture those aerial moments with style!

Look Development

Taking you behind the scenes of our cinematic game level setup. I’m in charge of level design, shading, lighting, look development, and fine-tuning that sun and sky system with volumetric fog.

Carl Hansen & Søn

Quick Interior Design Setup with some gentle camera moves combined with some classic background music

Blade Runner Tribute

Paying tribute to Blade Runner and the legendary Rutger Hauer. Rest in peace. Crafting this with meticulous camera work, look development, and dynamic lighting setup in Unreal Engine.

Zbrush meets Unreal

The magic happens when ZBrush sculpting meets UE5 and Nanite! I’m taking you through the quick sculpting process and crafting the perfect lighting setup in Unreal Engine.

Look Development

Putting scanned assets to the test in Unreal Engine! I’m in charge of DP (Director of Photography), look development, camera work, layout, and bringing the concept to life..

Unreal Character

Diving into Unreal Engine character animation! I’m handling the scene setup, camera angles, lighting, and look development. I am bringing it to life with mocap animation.

Gangnam Style

Brace yourself for “Gangnam Style” reimagined in Unreal! I’ve put together a snazzy real-time animation, handling the setup, camera work, and all the groovy animation right in Unreal Engine. Let’s ride this K-Pop wave!

Hill Valley

Creating a flux capacitor snugly tucked into a stylish sneaker, with a retail storefront right in Hill Valley for all you Back to the Future fans. Time-travel in comfort and style!


Honoring the legendary Michael Jackson with a spine-tingling Thriller animation created in Unreal Engine. I’m handling the camera work, lighting, and look development to deliver a chilling Halloween experience.

Abstract Shorts

Check out these snappy abstract 3D animations created in collaboration with some incredible artists at SIM. Quick, captivating, and bursting with creativity!

Zero Gravity

Camera in a zero-gravity space station, with a single smooth camera movement and a captivating background track to match. 

Shoe Turntable

Blending those abstract forms and shapes into a mesmerizing 3D shoe animation. Get ready for a visual journey that’s both artistic and stylish!

Lambo in Georgia

Creating a short and sweet 3D Lamborghini animation set in the scenic backdrop of Georgia’s Savannah.

Behind the Scenes

Taking you behind the scenes of the Thriller animation, where I’m having a blast as a DP using the Real-Time Camera System and Sequencer to capture the magic in action!


Presenting my showreel from my fantastic time at Still in Motion. It’s been an incredible journey with amazing people. Thanks a bunch for all the memories!

Star Wars Fighter

Getting ready to bring the Wing Fighter to life! Animation, camera magic, and blueprint setup are all part of the mission. Let’s make this Star Wars adventure epic!

Window Displays

My Window Display Design work is a fusion of art and commerce, where I transform glass panes into captivating stories. Each display is a tiny universe, a sneak peek into a brand’s soul.

Booth Design

My booth design work is where creativity takes center stage. It’s the art of crafting spaces that leave lasting impressions, capturing attention, and sparking conversations.

Abstract Art

My abstract art for print is a visual symphony of colors and shapes, inviting you into a realm where imagination knows no bounds. It’s a journey through the abstract space.

Exhibition Design

My exhibition design work is where imagination takes physical form. It’s the art of turning spaces into immersive stories, where visitors become explorers.

Retail Design

My retail design work is a journey through captivating spaces where imagination meets commerce. Each project is a unique story of transformation.

Digital Humans

Creating Digital Humans is my Artistry in the digital realm. I sculpt pixels and code emotions, giving life to virtual beings that are indistinguishable from reality.

3D Avatars

3D avatars are my creative playground in the virtual realm. I shape pixels into personalities, crafting digital alter egos that mirror your dreams and desires.

Product Viz

My work in product visualization is a journey through the world of innovation and aesthetics. I breathe life into ideas, transforming them into stunning visual realities.

Aviation Viz

Working with Boeing in the aviation industry was a thrilling journey. It was a world where innovation soared, and I was helping the team shaping the future of flight.

Automotive Viz

My stint in the automotive industry, collaborating with prestigious brands like Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW, was an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Architecture Viz

My work in architecture visualization is where artistry meets blueprints. I craft immersive digital realms that breathe life into architectural visions.

3D Artist

As a 3D Artist I’m a gateway to boundless creativity. I sculpt pixels into 3d models, translating ideas into captivating visuals.

Retail Design in UE

Crafting retail design in real-time, with dynamic pops and vibrant colors that come to life in Unreal Engine. Let’s create a shopping experience that’s truly immersive and exciting!

My Useless Shorts

Here’s another one of my delightful but purposefully useless Unreal animations. Sometimes it’s all about having fun!

Minecraft meets UE

Imagine a quirky mashup where Minecraft meets Unreal Engine in yet another one of my purposefully “useless” animations. 

More Nonsense

Joining the trend with more nonsensical animations, because sometimes you just need to go with the flow and have some lighthearted fun on YouTube!

Are we simply meant to be?

“We Are Simply Meant To Be.” A poignant reflection on the profound impact of someone special and the inevitable closeness of death. It’s a deeply personal journey through life’s most profound experiences

Commercial Reel

Introducing my commercial reel, a showcase of my work in the world of advertising and marketing. 

Entertainment Reel

Behold my entertainment reel, a thrilling compilation of my finest work in the world of Entertainment.

Me & The Bad News Bears

“Me and the Bears. Where is Mr. Buttermaker?” sounds like the start of an intriguing story or a fun adventure. What’s the next chapter in this tale?

Canon 7D

Creating a cinematic test shot right in my own kitchen using a Canon 7D. Sometimes, the most unexpected places can yield unexpected results.

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