FattyBull – UE4 Unreal Engine Artist & Service

I am a 3D Visualizer specialized using Epic’s Unreal Engine UE4. My service is in the field of Real-Time Virtual Production. I help 3D Visualization Studios with Film, Commercials, Teasers, Trailers, Design, Sales & Marketing.

Design Support for Digital Concepts, Materials & Lighting Studies (CMF Studies). Product Design, Retail Design, Interior Design, Level Design, 3D Rendering, 3D Applications, 3D Visualization, 3D Animation Service for Teasers, Trailers and Cinematic Commercials, Film, 3D Design Studio & Creative Ideas including Virtual Reality Experiences (VR).

Inquiries: go@fattybull.com
Text: +1 971-506-3009

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Below you’ll find some of my latest Unreal Engine Projects.

UE4 Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial
Boeing C17
Exhibit Design Visualization