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UE4 Ray Tracing Scene File + HDRI Backdrop


Coffee Retail Design Experience - THE FREE DEMO


Adding Camera Shake's to your Camera inside the Sequencer


Create your Custom Game Mode + Custom Pawn

Retail Space - Experience Design for any Shop

Retail Design - Store Display Window Experience 

Unreal TV Setup using the Media Player

Play any Video on a TV-Screen inside your Unreal Scene File

Exhibit Design Nike Retail Design 3D Visualization

Retail & Exhibit Visualization Model Setup

Studio Setup - Unreal UE4 Real Time Project File

Carl Hansen and Son Interior Design Render 3D Visualization Featured Image

3ds Max Studio Setup Lighting

Helix Model Studio Setup


3D DEMO - Run the Application on your PC [no VR Gear needed]

Design Support is right here

Create purposeful Imagery

My professional Visuals are helping you to explain the benefits & Purpose of your Product and it Helps You to increase Conversion Rates quickly

Get Attention

make your Images irresistible! Get more Attention, More Likes,  more Engagement and win new Clients without the need to sell

Brand Identity

Create great Visuals to Showcase your Brand Identity and retarget potential new Clients with ease! 


Retail Visualization
Product / Interior / Exhibit
Architectural Renderings
Creative Visuals

3D Visualizer Exhibit Rendering

Let's Create conversion optimized Imagery to maximize Marketing & Sales Results

Bernhard Rieder, aka The FattyBull

Have you ever tried to create beautiful pictures with the Computer? I mean pictures that are purposeful, professional and helping you selling your Product Idea?  Yes?

Then I know you've probably already wanted to smash your computer to the ground!

Creating High Quality Images and Animations that supports the USP of your Product or Design Idea can be very hard and very time consuming.

That's why I started FattyBull. A professional Design Visualization Service based in the US with the focus to create high-end computer generated images to support your marketing needs and to help boosting your sales.

FattyBull is a Digital Design Visualization Studio you'll ever need to receive Outstanding Creative Images to Maximize Marketing & Sales Results.

And this is just the beginning!

My mission:

I help with the design process visualizing 3d-concepts with photoreal-renderings showcasing realistic material & lighting studies. Product Shots, Exhibit Design, Retail Design, Interior & Architecture Design Visualization - you name it!

Visual Designer - 3D Viz


Retail Visualization
Product / Interior / Exhibit
Architectural Renderings
Creative Visuals


Product Visualization
Retail / Interior / Exhibit
Architectural Renderings
Creative Visuals

I help Architects to Visualize

I help Creatives to Visualize

Product Renderings

I do Product Viz

I do Retail Design Visualization

I do 3D-Exhibit Visualization