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Unreal Engine Cinematography Tutorial

My Director of Photography Website contains Tps & Tricks using Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. I am a California-based DP that loves to share different techniques to master the Art of Digital Cinematography. There is no doubt about one fact. If you need great visuals, you need to hire a great Director of Photography with outstanding Cinematography Skills. And that person just doesn’t come with a Digital Cinematography Degree that finished some Christian Film Schools.

DIY Cinematography Training in Real Time

My Cinematography Blog turned also into a little Cinematography Forum. To discuss different techniques and styles in movies, films, and videos. I also publish up-to-date cinematography tutorials.

Cinematography Training

My focus is clear. Learn Cinematography by yourself. And see my FattyBull Blog as a Free Film School Resource. A Cameraman School that looks at different cinematography lenses and

My Cinematographer Website contains Videos that just don’t talk about generic cinema topics. In fact, I provide practical DIY Tutorials, including Project Files for Free Download.

Great Cinematography

This way, everybody can start working on his own cinematography career and study great cinematography with practical examples. Oftentimes, people argue about the best wedding cinematography or online courses that might teach them to do great artwork or to become a filmmaker.

My cinematographer Website just doesn’t talk about theory. In fact, you find here the best practical Tutorials that can be used for film production. I cover Cinematography Basics and special categories like Cinematography Lighting. I review Cinematography Programs and look under the hood of Film Schools in California that offer Cinematography Classes.

Furthermore, I am going to discover different Online Film Schools.

What makes good Cinematography?

Cinematography Examples from FattyBull

You might find hundreds of Cinematography Books. But most of the time, the best Cinematography Tips are uncovered.

My name is Bernhard Rieder. I am also known as FattyBull, a Director of Photography that was worked for over a decade in the VFX & Digital 3D Film Industry in California.

There is no such thing that one specific magic hidden gem that will make you a great movie maker. Cinematography Techniques changed over the last 5-10 years. Mainly, because of the revolution of the Digital World.

My intention with my little blog post is very clear. I want to help any person to create great visuals. I believe in giving & helping and sharing. And I hope that my Tutorials and Free Resources are going to be a good starting point for your Personal Training.

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