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I am trying to collect the best Design Ideas for Tiny Homes / Small Houses. I would love to feature one of your Best Tiny Home Concepts on my website. The most important questions I would like to get answered from you are listed below:


  1. Why should a Tiny Home Buyer choose your Concept?
  2. What are the Top-3 Features of your Homes?
  3. What makes your Home Design Unique?
  4. Please provide the sqft
  5. Please provide an estimated total cost getting your home built

How to Submit your Home Design?

Please provide any type of 3D-CAD data files so I can also create real-time visualizations and 3d-experiences to showcase your ideas and highlight all your features.

You can send me files from all different kinds of software packages, like Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, 3dsmax, Maya, C4D, Blender, etc. I am also able to use exported data formats like .obj, .fbx, datasmith, etc. etc.

Please upload your data to any file-sharing platform of you choice. Just simply send me an E-Mail with your download link to

That’s it. I am super stoked to receive your favorite Home Design.
Thanks a lot and let’s have a fantastic start to this wonderful new year!

Happy Designing,
Bernhard aka FattyBull

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