FattyBull loves Roblox


FattyBull is on Roblox If you are interested in Learning more about Making Games on Roblox, Level Design & Asset Creation using Roblox Studio. WELCOME. I am planning to publish Roblox Tutorials that will help you to create your own Roblox Games, Models, Game Assets, Props, Accessories, Textures, Materials, etc. I am just getting started …

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Roblox Forums

For all my Roblox Fans. Please find below a list of active Roblox Forums. Great resources you should check out if you want to make your own Roblox Game. Official Roblox Forums DevForum is currently the only user-driven forum hosted by Roblox. This is the go-to place to find news, updates, and other community resources …

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Lead 3D Artist

FattyBull is a global technology company pioneering the world of immersive reality that is always in the need of a great CG Generalist. I build end-to-end immersive experiences and develop technology that enables people to experience entertainment like never before. As an Unreal Engine Artist, I work across various markets while pushing the boundaries of …

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XR Tech Artist

FattyBull is helping redefine what is possible using RealTime CGI Software. As an Unreal Engine Artist, I believe in the development of the Metaverse — as a continuum, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities, and business models. It’s a new medium for commerce, experience, and community and we’re looking for innovative pioneers to help …

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Technical Artist

FattyBull is a professional Technical Artist with a broad knowledge and usage of Epic’s Unreal Engine. This role is key for creative innovation, leadership, and team building. FattyBull is working cohesively with a team of technical artists, 3D artists, animation artists, and Unreal developers to create unique visions. As an Unreal Engine Artist, I provide …

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CG Generalist

FattyBull is a professional CG Generalist with over 20 years of 3d production experience. That also includes skills in the role of a Lead 3D Artist. Responsibilities as an Unreal Engine Artist: Create computer graphics for feature films, games, mobile games, commercials, XR Stages, apps, VR/AR, and other projects Responsible for lighting, rendering and compositing …

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