MUST KNOW Blender Hotkeys – or go Hulk

Blender Hotkeys you must know

Pivot Point

Object, Set Origin, Origin to 3D Cursor

Blender Isolate Object

  • Shift+H to isolate the object
  • Alt+H to Exit the isolate model

Blender Hide Object Shortcut

  • Select Object
  • Press H
  • Press Alt+H to unhide all

Blender Clean Up Mesh

  • Select the Object
  • Edit Mode
  • Press A to Select All
  • Tab–>Mesh–>Clean Up–>Merge by Distance

Blender Recalculate Normals

  • Select Object
  • Pres Tab for Edit Mode
  • Press A to Select All
  • Press Alt+N
  • Select Recalculate Outside

Blender Join Geometry

  • Select Objects
  • Press Ctrl+J to join objects

Join & Separate Mesh

Blender Separate Geometry / Faces

  • Select Object
  • Press Tab for Edit Mode
  • Select Faces
  • Press P

Blender How to Scale the GUI

  • CTRL+Press Middle Mouse Button

Blender Subdivide Hotkey

  • Ctrl+1,2,3,4 (etc. not NumPad)

Blender Boolean Hotkey when using Addon Bool Tool

  • Ctrl+(-) minus on Numpad

Blender Statistics

Overlay, Show Statistics

Blender UVW Unwrap

Select Object, Edit Mode, Faces, Right Mouseclick, UV Unwrap Faces

Tris to Quads

Edit Mode, Select all geo by pressing A, Tab–> Face, Tris to Quads (Alt J)

Show Normals

Select the Overlays –> Geometry –> Face Orientation

Change Normals Direction

  • Select the mesh –> Edit Mode (using vertex, edge or face)
  • Select the Faces you would like to flip the Normals
  • from the Mesh menu upper-left click Normals (ALT+N)
  • then Flip
  • Mesh » Normals » Flip

Fill Hole (Cap)

Click the surrounding vertices’s or edges then F will fill the hole

How To Delete Blender Materials

Create a Blender PBR Material

Detach Rig from Mesh

Select the Mesh you want to detach from the RIG. Click ALT+P

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