MUST KNOW Blender Hotkeys – or go Hulk

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Blender Hotkeys you must know

Center Pivot Point to Object

Object Mode (Press Tab to switch between Object and Edit Mode)

  • Select the Object
  • Right Mouse Click
  • Set Origin to –> Geometry

Object, Set Origin, Origin to 3D Cursor

Blender Isolate Object

  • Shift+H to isolate the object
  • Alt+H to Exit the isolate model

Blender Hide Object Shortcut

  • Select Object
  • Press H
  • Press Alt+H to unhide all

Blender Clean Up Mesh

  • Select the Object
  • Edit Mode
  • Press A to Select All
  • Tab–>Mesh–>Clean Up–>Merge by Distance

Blender Recalculate Normals

  • Select Object
  • Pres Tab for Edit Mode
  • Press A to Select All
  • Press Alt+N
  • Select Recalculate Outside

Blender Join Geometry

  • Select Objects
  • Press Ctrl+J to join objects

Join & Separate Mesh

Blender Separate Geometry / Faces

  • Select Object
  • Press Tab for Edit Mode
  • Select Faces
  • Press P

Blender How to Scale the GUI

  • CTRL+Press Middle Mouse Button

Blender Subdivide Hotkey

  • Ctrl+1,2,3,4 (etc. not NumPad)

Blender Boolean Hotkey when using Addon Bool Tool

  • Ctrl+(-) minus on Numpad

Blender Statistics

Overlay, Show Statistics

Blender UVW Unwrap

Select Object, Edit Mode, Faces, Right Mouseclick, UV Unwrap Faces

Tris to Quads

Edit Mode, Select all geo by pressing A, Tab–> Face, Tris to Quads (Alt J)

Show Normals

Select the Overlays –> Geometry –> Face Orientation

Change Normals Direction

  • Select the mesh –> Edit Mode (using vertex, edge or face)
  • Select the Faces you would like to flip the Normals
  • from the Mesh menu upper-left click Normals (ALT+N)
  • then Flip
  • Mesh » Normals » Flip

Fill Hole (Cap)

Click the surrounding vertices’s or edges then F will fill the hole

How To Delete Blender Materials

Create a Blender PBR Material

Detach Rig from Mesh

Select the Mesh you want to detach from the RIG. Click ALT+P

Select and Center Object in Viewport

Select the object in the viewport, Click the “.” Period Point on the Numpadto center the object in the viewport

Move Objects into a Different Collection

Select the Object, press “M” shortcut for Move and select the Collection you want to move your selected object

Viewport Shading

Select Collection and Move the Group / Collection Together

  • Select the Collection within the Outliner
  • Right Mouseclick–> Select Objects

Look through a selected Camera

  • Select the Camera–> Click the “0” on the Numpad
  • Make the selected Camera the Active Camera: Select the Camera –> Click CTRL + Numpad “0”

Navigate via the selected Camera

  • Select the Camera and Click SHIFT+` (Tilt)

Once selected, you can navigate or move the camera with WASD. IMPORTANT: To keep the last Camera Position, you need to CLICK+LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. When clicking the Right Mouse Button, it abbords the current camera position and jumps back to the previous one.

Then Click Esc to get out from the active Camera Mode.

Change the Camera Speed

  • Scroll the Middle Mouse Button Forward or Backwards to change the speed
  • By clicking the Middle Mouse Button, you hyper-jump with your camera to the selected object

Camera User Mode

When being in the Camera User Mode, you can do the same with SHIFT+` (Tilt) Key to use your Camera User Mode with the “Fly” Mode (WASD).

Visible Edge Highlights in Viewport

Shade Smooth

  • Select your object –> Right Click–>Shaded Smooth
  • Inset Faces (Individual): Double Click “i”
  • Move Edge along Normals: Press “G” Twice

Selection Faces, Edges, and Loops

Depending on the Mouse Position of a selected Face (Left, Right, Top or Down) the loop selection will be created, when clicking ALT+Left Click and Select.

Welding Vertex Points

Edit mode–>Vertex–>A (to select all vertices)–>M for Weld–>by Distance–>Select the Distance

Select Hidden Faces (Backface and Select Through)

  • Toggle Xray Mode when selecting.

Material Editor / Shader Object

Display Objects as Bounds

  • Viewport Display (Wire, Bounds, Solid, Textured)


  • Bool Tool
  • Machine Tools:

Layout Editor Type

AO and Composite

Scale Uniform

  • Hit “N” –> Item Tab
  • Object Mode –> CTRL A –> SCALE

UVW Unwrapping with Seams

  • Similar to Zbrush, you define with SEAMS UVW Islands to unwrap them.
  • Edit Mode –> Select –> Sharp Edges
  • Sharp Angle –> Set to 30 Degree (This selects all Sharp Edges up to 30 Degree)
  • Click CTRL + E –> Mark Seam

All Selected Sharp Edges are now DEFINED as SEAMS

Normal Map Faceting

The Normal Map Color Space needs to be set to Non-Color, to not have any artifacts / faceting issues in the Cycles render.  The Image Node for the Normal Map needs to be set to non-color data.

Glass Refraction Dispersion

My Blender File


  • First Select the Piece you want to use to Cut (Cutter)
  • Then SHIFT+CLICL to select the piece you would like to Cut
  • Brush Boolean–>Difference

Addons – Loop Tool


  • ALT+E (Extrude + select Type of Extrusions)
  • I – INSET
  • CLICK I – TWICE (Inset single faces)
  • CTRL+B (Bevel)

Dissolve Floating Vertices

  1. Select one of the vertices that you want to remove.
  2. SHIFT+G or Choose Select > Similar > Amount of Adjacent Faces
  3. Deselect any vertices that have been selected but that you don’t want to delete (in this case, the corners) and choose Mesh > Delete > Dissolve Vertices to delete the unwanted vertices.
  • Mesh–>CleanUp–Limited Dissolve


Loop Cuts and Middle MouseWheel

  • Select the Object
  • Tab–>Edit Mode
  • CTRL+R (Hover over the faces and edges and position your YELLOW LINE where you want to make the cut)
  • one, two, three, or as many as you want. Once you have your loop cut number –> LEFT MOUSE CLICK
  • after the first LEFT+MOUSE CLICK you can now slide the cuts
  • Left Mouse click Again to apply
  • Left Mouse click Again to Exit

IT WILL NOT WORK WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE TOOL TAB BAR and select the LOOP CUT From there. Recommendation: Just don’t do that, and always use the ShortCut CTRL+R


Set 3D Cursor


Setup PBR Shader Network

  • Select your Principal BSDF Render Node
  • Click CTRL+SHIFT+T
  • Select your PBR Textures
  • Click Principled Texture Setup


Closing a hole or a gap. Additional to F you can click CTRL+F –> Select Grid Fill


Mirror Selection

Select –> Select Mirror (Shift+CTRL+M)

Mirror Center with no Face

Hit “B” for boundary, on/off

Show Gizmo

Numpad .

Frame Selected


When you perform the SCALE operation, by pressing FIRST “ALT” and then Click “S” once. That’s it.

Machine Tool

(10) MACHIN3tools Explained in 8 min – YouTube

Select Similar Verts and Delete them

Select the Vert –> Select Similar–> Amount of Connecting Edges or Shift + G

Inset Straight Skeleton

CTRL+F –> Inset Straight Skeleton

Armature – Parent the Armature to your character

  1. Select your Character
  2. Shift+Seelct your Armature
  3. CTRL+P
  4. Set Parent –> Armature Deform –> With Automatic Weights



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