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Event Design Visualization with 3D Animation and Real Time Ray Tracing

Event Design Visualization & Lighting | The Thrilling Experience

I was thrilled to finally run more tests using Epics Unreal Studio and their Real Time Ray Tracing Render. And I was even more thrilled when I got my new Nvidia GPU Card RTX 2080. And because I was sooooo thrilled, I couldn’t resist anymore to create a fun animation.

In this post I am going to share my latest tests. Check also my other Ray Tracing Example using an HDRI Backdrop. My current hardware: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32-Core Processor (64 CPUs), ~3.0GHz – performance test using Ray Tracing with DX12.

I actually even synchronized the Original Audio Track with the 3d animation. However, I can only share and upload the Animation without any Audio based on the protected copyrights. (I have no clue how that Fan-Fiction Copyright works, and as a one-man show and just having my little LLC, I want to stay out of any trouble – soo sorry, but that’s why there is no audio included)

Event Marketing with a Conceptual 3D Design Experience

Exhibit Design & Event Space Design Visualization – Conceptual 3D Visualization

I had this “Crazy Creative Idea” of an Event Space. Yes, that’s right. Not sh###### you. I thought it would be Epic to open the Event with a Zombie-Biting Dance Performance.

Furthermore, I thought it would be cool if my 3d Design would give the audience a unique Event Experience. Something the audience will always remember.

To visualize my Concept Design I used the best 3d Designer Tool on the market to create stunning fast 3d renderings and a 3d animation that would be also useful for any kind of Event Marketing.

To communicate my Creative Ideas I create 3d Visualization Concepts. Yep, that’s right. I guess this is why people started to call me a 3D Visualizer. And yes, it’s always nice to render some shots as a Digital 3D Cinematographer. If you want to know more about the work of a DP (Director of Photography), then check out my Tutorial about Cinematography using UE4.

Creative Marketing needs Creative Solutions and a fast & intuitive Design Process

3D Visualization Helps to Showcase an Event Experience Design Idea

My thoughts behind my Event Design Concept is part of a unqiue 3d Experience.

Plus, why should visitors of an Event Space not become active users by participate in the Event itself? Sooo here we go. We all love Zombies. It doesn’t matter if it’s The Walking Dead, or if it’s a Dooms Day Scenario.

Even if it’s the most horrifying scenario. We Humans like Action. And we like surprises. Nobody likes a boring office day. Everyone want’s something special, right?

Event Experience Design & How I visualize my ideas

Event Design 3D-Visualization

And this Event Space is all about Action. That’s right. And what else could be the greatest Start & Opener for an Event as a Dance Performance from The Legendary Cinematic Music Track “Thriller”?

Who doesn’t know the King of Pop and it’s epic Music Video? My Event Space should be spicy & fun. .

Event Marketing & Event User Experience

Below a few more screenshots for an unforgettable Event Experience. Dance Performance, Live Music – and Event Opener like a Las Vegas Show. Let’s Entertain your Audience. Hmm… did I go to far as 3D Visualizer?

3D Visualization in Real Time is an amazing Tool that can be used to Visualize Concept Ideas. It goes beyond the Design Process of an Event Space. It can also be used to send pitches to existing leads. Or to engage with new potential clients.

Event Concept Ideas can be also used for Digital Marketing. 3D Animations, Teasers & Trailers can be shared among all Social Media Platforms. It helps to communicate a vision, an idea or a concept. Stories can be told & a vision can be shared with great 3D Visuals.

Event Marketing & Concept Design

3D Visualization in Real Time for Event Marketing & Advertising

Below some more quick shots testing Epics Unreal Engine. I am just getting into their new Real Time Ray Tracer. And it’s a lot of fun learning all those amazing new things.

And thanks to Nvidia and the RTX Technology – yes Baby yes – no more expensive and annoying Render Farm needed. What else to say? Isn’t that really Epic? Haha.. thank you Epic Games. Thank you for this wonderful Tool. And Thank you Nvidia for this wonderful gift. You guys made my day.

Special Thanks to Mixamo – that platform is really cool. I was able to download their free characters including their motion capture files. Unreal was able to import the .fbx data. It’s a lot of fun, when things work smoothly.

I enjoyed the Lighting & Shading Process. And most of all, using Unreal’s Cinematic Sequencer. That thing is dope. Yes… I’ve never used something ultra cool before. A dream for Layout Artists, Previsualization Artists. And.. besides.. what the heck am I even talking about.

My Design Process – Behind the Scenes

Watch out – those nasty Zombies can bite you for real

The Previz is also my final Render Output. It’s insane. But check out the Making of Videos and see yourself why I love this Tool so much. Yes, for me it’s a Design Tool. I don’t even want to look back anymore what I did in the past 10 years. I am getting dizzy when I do that. OMG.

Offline Rendering, Playblast Image Sequences, dealing with super long renderings, and a ton of node based compositing in 32bit. You know what.. f### that s###. lol; no more.

I was just rendering an 8bit jpg image sequence. Yes… yes.. I know.. I could also output 16bit or 32bit. But heck, when you have real time results and I can make changes on the fly. Why should I make my life more complicated?

And in case I need to re-render some shots. Just between you and me. A frame took about 0.1 seconds render time. Halleluja… EPIC GAMES, UNREAL and NVIDIA – YOU MADE MY DAY! Cheers.

Ohhh.. don’t forget to check out my Free Resource Section. I always zip and upload FREE SCENE Files. Attention: I always only include my own models, because I can’t give models away I was downloading from somewhere else for free. Makes sense, right? That being said. Enjoy & have fun using Unreal – it’s really Epic.

And what do you think about that?

3D Design Rendering
3D Design Rendering

Please let me know what you think about this. Do you think my Design Process can be also useful for your Creativity? Maybe even for your Company? Do you think it could help you to win new potential clients?

What’s your story? What’s your idea? What do you think about the new tools? What’s your Design Process? How do you work as a Designer? How do you win new leads in your industry? What are your biggest obstacles and where can I help you as a 3D Visualizer?

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