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How to Design with Digital Ray Tracing and 3D Computer Graphics

Unreal Engine 5 Studio Lighting Setup | Real-Time Brand Design Visualization

Interior Design Render 3D Visualization

Fast & Easy 3D Studio Setup with Lights and White & Dark Background. Just change colors and render different materials & design variations. Quick Render Setup. 12 seconds for a 1500×1500 pixel Image offline render. Very simple for Beginners and Pros. PLUS REAL-TIME PROJECT.

The Benefits of Real-Time Visualization

The short animation below is a Visualization done in real time. We are using the finest & latest technology. The combination of the best hardware and software available mixed with Artwork & Design Creativity.

Digital Real-Time Brand Design Visualization in 3D

We always try our best to make EVERY DESIGNER’s life easier. Thanks to Nvidia and their RTX Real Time Raytracing Technology we have been able to implement a powerful workflow, that allows us to merge different software & hardware packages. With that pipeline, we can focus on the most important part. The Support of the Design Studios.

For Designers, it’s incredibly important to see quick results. Form, Shape & Model changes are very important. But of course, also material changes do play a major role. Color changes & different lighting scenarios do have an also a huge impact on making final decisions.

3D Visualization & Brand Animation

Enjoy the Design Process with FattyBull

Design Studies and the process of Designing play a major role in every aspect of developing, creating, and building. Therefore, our Real-Time Visualization Passion is also very useful for Designers in all kinds of different industries. It goes beyond and also reaches Builders, Architects, & Product Creators.

FattyBull helps Designers & Creators to quickly visualize their ideas. We merge both worlds – Offline & Real Time Render. I support Designers with the finest solutions to visualize their products. No project is too small or too big for me. And if you haven’t been checking out my Cinematography Tutorial – you should do it now.

Carl Hansen and Son Interior Design Render 3D Visualization Featured Image
3D Studio Lighting Setup

Imagine how long it would take to craft, build and paint a specific product in reality – and compare this with a 3D Visualization in Real Time from FattyBull. The possibilities to Design & Craft on the Computer are becoming more and more fun. We help Designers to have maximum freedom to experiment with hundreds of different materials, lighting scenarios, and models.

In the following example, we started a digital reproduction of one of our favorite furniture pieces. A piece from one of my favorite design furniture studios (Bernhard Rieder) in the world. To demonstrate our passion for technology & design, I decided to create this fan project for the furniture collection from Carl Hansen & Søn Design Studio.

3D Studio Setup – The Fan Project

In this Video Tutorial, I am going to show a simple 3d studio setup. You can watch the entire Tutorial and follow step-by-step how we set up the lights and the model. And yes, like always. This 3d studio max setup is absolutely FREE FOR DOWNLOAD – see at the end of this post.

This free 3d Studio setup can be used for any model. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for a product render or any other creative 3D Visualization.

3D Max Studio Setup with Lights

3D Studio Setup – Digital Photography

And as promised, the scene file is super flexible. You can use any color you want. Just swap out the material, and assign it to the background plate.

This 3D Max Studio Lighting Setup is very simple and very fast. The same setup can be used for any other software. If you are using Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, or any other 3d Software. Please note, the digital renders below do not illustrate the original brand design furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn.

As shown in the 3D Setup Video Tutorial, the Render Time for a 1500×1500 pixel image is about 12 seconds on one of our Systems. But wait. It gets even better.

Shocking Fast Real-Time Raytracing

We pushed the boundaries once more and used the latest technology to have absolute zero render time. Continue reading & below the demonstration video in which I show how we use real-time visualization to help Design Studios with their Design Process.

This Video Explains how we help Design Studios with their Design Process

Additional to the offline rendering process we created a real-time Studio Setup, that allows you to see instant results without any render time. Furthermore, we created a short demonstration video that lets you look behind the scenes.

In the video above I am going to demonstrate how our 3D Visualization Studio uses the latest DX12 Technology from Nvida combined with Epic’s Unreal Engine UE4.

Currently, we are using AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32-Core Processor 3.00 GHZ. And four Graphics cards with the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 technology that also supports the DX12 and Real-Time Raytracing.

3D Scene files are available in our Free Resource Section. See below our latest Real-Time Render & Digital 3D Illustrations. Render Time is 0.10 seconds for each frame in Full HD Resolution.

Realt-Time Render Experience

Find below some quick 3D Real Time Illustrations. Also, feel free and check out my Ray Tracing Examples, Test Results, and Video Tutorials.

Our goal is clear. We want to make sure every Design Studio has maximum support and maximum creativity & freedom to focus on the design process itself.

We take care of you & the technical obstacles. We create Brand Visuals & Animations to boost User Engagement & Brand Awareness. We create 3D Animations to help Business Developers win new potential clients. And with my 3D Visualization, I also help Digital Marketing Directors to create Creative Brand Videos that can be used for outreach on all social media platforms.

Important Note: Images below are illustrating Fan Based Work only. The digital renders do not represent any original Brand Design Furniture from Carl Hansen & Søn.

3D Studio Setup with Lights

For the 3d lighting, I am using 4 lights only. One light is positioned on the top. The second light is on the left. And the third one to the right of the 3d model. The 4th light is facing toward the background plate. And the emitted light will bounce back to brighten the entire scene.

For the 3D Model, I am using a simple chair. It’s a designer model from Carl Hansen & Søn. I really love the simplicity of their design furniture collection. Check out their website & work.

But keep in mind, you do need to make some proper adjustments when it comes to the UVW Mapping. Unwrapping is important so that you can use the models also for Real-time Ray Tracing for Game Engines like Unreal UE4.

3ds Max Vray Studio Setup

The Job of a 3D Visualizer is to create beautiful renders. And as you can see on my 3ds Max Studio Lighting Setup, I know how to match photo references. And I know how to create digital pictures, to showcase all different kinds of Design work.

About the Fan Project

FattyBull helps Design Studios & Creative Agencies to produce Real-Time Visualizations. We help Designers to visualize their products with numerous different variations, form changes, material studies, light studies, etc.

FattyBull creates Real-Time Animations for Brand Awareness, Marketing & Business Development Purposes. Useful for Interior Design, Retail Design, Exhibit Design, Museum Experiences, Mechanical Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Aviation Design, etc. etc., etc.

This Project is a fan project called “Summer Collection”. The 3d furniture models are copyrighted by Carl Hansen & Søn. A BIG THANK YOU to their company which gives you the chance to download some of their models for free.

The music track is called “Bittersweet Waltz” from YouTube User Sir Cubworth, free to use. Thank you so much for this beautiful piano piece. I just love it.

Special thanks to EPIC Games Developers & Daryl Obert, as well as Chaosgroup Team for pushing also the Unreal Development process. Big shout out to Alexander Atanasov.

Project Download & Realtime Raytracing
Unreal, UE4, Real-Time Raytracing, Vray, 3D Models, Shaders, and PBR Materials free download. Please consider all model copyrights by Carl Hansen & Søn.

Get the Free 3ds Max Vray Studio Lighting Setup | Download Now for Free from our Resource Page

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