AI-Generated Art – Beginners Guide

What should you know about AI-Generated Art? You might remember Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. That’s how it all started. Yep, with a Hollywood Blockbuster starring good old Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. An AI-Generated Robot with the goal to terminate the human species. Another warning about AI-Generated Software was Wargames. In the 80ies, Hacking was …

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Stylized Art For Beginner

How To Start with Stylized Art? If you are obsessed to learn more about Stylized Art, how to create it, what tools to use, and how to find your own personal instinctive stylized look. I guess you came to the right place. My name is Bernhard. I am a digital 3D Artist and I just …

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ROBLOX is Fun If you are interested in Learning more about Level Design & Asset Creation for Roblox Studio. WELCOME. I am planning to publish Tutorials that will help you to create your own Roblox Models, Game Assets, Props, Accessories, Textures, Materials, etc. I am just getting started and will release soon more videos about …

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Free-VR-Experience Download

VR Experience

I am always on the lookout for new VR Experiences. And yes, I also develop VR Tech Demos using Epics Unreal Engine. My latest VR Experience can be downloaded below. I built this Metaverse Version for Quest 2. I am using Live Link. Link FREE Download the Windows 64 PC VR Experience A few important …

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CMF Design Tips

As a CMF Designer, an efficient CMF Design Process is crucial for your success. Color, Material & Finish Studies are the essential foundation of excellent design work. But what new tools can be used these days to create fast, efficient, and excellent CMF Design Studies? Why Every CMF Designer Should Know This It’s time to …

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