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Download my latest Minecraft Ray Tracing Example FREE to play. It’s my Halloween Special where Minecraft meets Paragon. What the heck does that mean? Well.. check it out right here…

Minecraft Ray Tracing Example – Free Game Demo for Download

When Nvidia announced that Real-Time Ray Tracing will be supported with their RTX Technology I got totally hooked. I mean, literally, I got addicted to testing and creating new things in 3D Design.

I started building a new Shader Mod for Minecraft PE and realized that using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 (also known as UE4) gives me all the power in the world I need to come up with cool shit. And guess what. I created a Minecraft Level using Real-Time Ray Tracing.

Minecraft Ray Tracing Example – Level Design with Unreal & Paragon Phase

I am also thinking to release a new super hot and Photoreal Minecraft Shaders Texture Pack – just hang in there for a bit. You’ll be able to download the Minecraft Shader Pack soon.

How to get Shaders in Minecraft?

I create Minecraft Shaders with an offline Ray Tracer called Vray. But quite frankly, you can use also a Real Time Solution and build PBR Shaders directly with Unreal.

Testing Minecraft with Real-Time Raytracing using Epic’s Unreal Engine UE4

In fact, it really doesn’t matter anymore what Software you want to use to create 3D Materials or Minecraft. Any 3D Ray Tracing Program can be used to build hyper-real Shaders for Minecraft.

Below you can find another 3D Animation in which I was using some of my Cinematography Techniques.

How to Download Shaders for Minecraft?

Minecraft Ray Tracing Example with Epic’s Unreal Paragon Assets

First of all, Shaders for Minecraft have to be released for the Minecraft Game itself. Once the Material is packaged and ready to go for the Game, you can download and install them.

In my next Video Tutorial, I am going to show you how to build Realistic Minecraft Shaders, and how to install those Shader Packs for your game.

Minecraft Shader Packs from Fattybull

Minecraft Real Time Ray Tracing Shader Pack Development
Minecraft Real-Time Ray Tracing Shader Pack Development

FattyBull is going to release the most Hyper Realistic Shaders Packs for Minecraft – 100% FREE to use. I am currently working on it – so please be patient for a little bit.

If you signup with your Email you’ll be notified about my work in progress. And as soon as I am done I am going to send you an email for immediate download. Then you can use the best Minecraft Shaders from FattyBull to test an Epic Game Demo. Cheers!

Requirements: Make sure you have an Nvidia RTX Card that supports Real-Time Ray Tracing. Otherwise, you are not able to experience the Photoreal Shaders.

Minecraft Ray Tracing Example
Minecraft Ray Tracing Example

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