Architectural Rendering Service – and what you should know about!

Architectural Rendering Service

What’s the real value of Architectural Design Visualization?

Creating High-End Architectural Renderings can be very challenging. Lots of technical knowledge, experience and time are needed to produce quality architectural visualizations. The good news: The production costs don’t have to go through the roof when hiring a professional & qualified 3D Studio in the US.

Example of a Real-Time Visualization Animation

How to use Cost-Effective Architectural Design Visualization & Win Pitches?

The short answer: You need to find a 3D Studio that works efficient and knows how to do things right!

I am a 3D Artist and 3D Visualizer who loves to work on architectural rendering jobs. No project is too small, too big, or too complicated. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been working on projects all over the world. From Europe to the US.

Real Time Architectural Walk Through Application

Real Time Walk Through of an Architectural Design Space

The example above shows a Real Time Visualization. That means, that you can explore that space in Real Time on your PC and you don’t need to deal with any render time, that you might know from old-school offline renders.

Feel free and download the 3D Example above to your computer – you can find all the Demo in my Free 3D Resource Section.

I started working for an architectural studio doing 3d renderings in Charlotte, NC. To be specific, at LITTLE Diversified. (Great Firm & Great People over there and I still had a chance to meet the Founder Bill Little before he passed away).

Over the last 10 years, I was also working for large 3D Studios doing Feature Film work and Visual Effects.

Within the last decade, I explored pretty much any architectural rendering software available on the market. And until today, architectural visualization jobs are still one of my favorite projects!

Architectural Rendering Techniques

On my page, I demonstrate the best and most efficient architecture rendering techniques you can apply to achieve stunning computer-generated images also known as CGI renderings.

Before digital computer graphics got stronger and stronger, classic architectural watercolor rendering have been also a passion of mine.

My Architectural 3D Visualization and Rendering Company

Architectural Visualization – a passion and addiction

In my early years, I already asked myself this one question: How cool would it be, become one day a professional architectural illustrator? That would be amazing and nothing would be better on this planet than to learn 3d architectural rendering software!

Over many years I got stronger and better with my skills to offer my passion as my service! With this page, I try to give everyone valuable information about how to render architectural masterpieces.

I am always interested in creating architectural rendering tutorials, which highlight the best possible render engines and rendering techniques on the market. And especially Architectural Visualization and using Real-Time Ray Tracing became today my absolute passion.

Architectural Rendering Services

Interior Design Render
Interior Design Render by Jason Gautier

Lots of 3d architectural visualization companies having issues building a strong and efficient workflow.  My 3d Interior Rendering Services benefit from a rock-solid workflow. I serve architects and developers, big Studios, and also small ones.

I serve as a Consulting Company in that specific field. To support and explain what’s the best way to do things and to approach them the right way.

Big architectural visualization firms are most of the time not very flexible and on top of it very expensive. My 3D Studio offers flexible architectural visualization services, which of course include 3d exterior rendering.

I personally don’t want to compare myself to other 3D Visualization Companies. I focus on my work which is photorealistic architectural rendering. Of course, I also cover interior visualization.

Even if you want to know how to set up a successful 3d department. How to use the latest and best Computer Software, how to pitch the architect’s and developer’s projects, how to create an architecture animation, a teaser, and a trailer that supports marketing and drives sales.

You need to have the men’s power and skills, the drive, and the right working attitude to succeed.

Architectural Rendering Services Prices

Architectural Interior Design Render
Architectural Interior Design Render by Jason Gautier

Yes, there is so much more involved in a project, and lots of important knowledge should be used already at the beginning. Rendering architectural drawings is an artwork. There are lots of architectural rendering companies out there.

But there is only one, that just doesn’t offer architectural renders as a service! No, not just that. Our architectural visualization company also offers Consulting Services to render and implement successful architectural illustrations.

3d Visualization Studio & Animation Architecture

Let’s face it. A professional architectural visualizer shouldn’t just know how to create architectural images for a print campaign. His skills should go beyond the creation of a still image. And a brilliant 3d architectural animation should be 100% covered.

Especially in today’s digital social media world and internet streams. You need to be able to produce outstanding animations, that can be used for digital marketing campaigns, architectural visualization & presentation purpose.

The best architectural illustrators in the world should know how they can produce a mind-blowing 3d architectural animation. Fattybull offers 3d architectural rendering services from the US. We are working on 3D architectural drawings and output the best visualizing architecture possible.

Architectural 3d Rendering

In the last decade, 3d Architectural Visualization became a very complex & special field. I am proud to be an expert in that field who operates within the US with the best available 3d architecture software and the best 3D Visualizer.

Fattybull offers:

  • Real Time Walk-Throughs
  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Real-Time Animation
  • Elevation Rendering
  • Floor Plan Rendering
  • Perspective Rendering
  • Residential Rendering
  • House Rendering
  • Landscape Rendering

I am an Unreal Engine Artist that always tries to output the best renders in the world! My CAD Rendering Service delivers the world’s best 3d illustration with outstanding photo realistic render quality. I am more than happy to produce high-end 3d animation movies for your marketing campaigns!

Best 3D Rendering Software for Architecture

There is a lot of architectural rendering software on the market. I was also talking in my Podcast with Alex about new Technology and the Best 3D Architectural Illustration Tools.

And it’s for sure a preference for 3D artists. One of the best architectural renders is found on lots of different 3D forums. You can ask different CGI artists and you will figure out that everybody announces his own best architectural rendering software.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a rendered floor plan or a so-called architectural hand rendering. There are lots of architectural visualization jobs and it requires a bunch of different skill sets.

Almost all architectural rendering jobs require 3D modeling, 3D lighting, and 3D rendering skills. An exception is probably if you are going to create is so cold watercolor architectural rendering.

These days you can also use Adobe products to create a perspective rendering. For example, it’s possible to do a Photoshop 3D render, draw lines, and deliver on top of it an elevation rendering.

What architectural rendering programs you want to use, is totally up to you. Watercolor architecture can be done with a simple brush, some watercolors, and a piece of paper. But yes, you need to know how to create architectural drawings.

3D Architectural Rendering Software

In the world of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) you’ll find more and more 3ds render images. The shortcut for 3ds stands for the Software Product called 3dsamx, which is from Autodesk. I prefer that software, and I am using it for my personal architectural rendering techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you would like to use it for Architectural Interior Rendering, residential rendering, watercolor rendering, cad rendering, house rendering, home rendering, or rendering in animation. The software allows you to cover literally every single task.

I personally worked for one of the best architectural rendering companies in the world. Today, I put all my passion and love into my own company, to maximize my service and achieve the best render quality.

In the last 20 years, I wrote several architectural rendering tutorials. Explaining how to photo render and how the existing architectural visualization software works. From 3D Cad rendering to architect Studio 3d, 3d photorealistic rendering, and of course digital rendering. I am covering all disciplines in that field.

My absolute preferred tool to use Real-Time Ray Tracing is the Unreal Engine from Epic.

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