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Stylized Art

How To Start with Stylized Art?

If you are obsessed to learn more about Stylized Art, how to create it, what tools to use, and how to find your own personal instinctive stylized look. I guess you came to the right place.

I hope I can also motivate other Artists to join my journey of digital art creation. If you are also interested in Stylized Art, please Start here with Stylized Art 101.

Things you might want to know about Stylized Art:

  1. It’s often used to convey a specific mood or atmosphere. For example, a cartoon might be used to create a lighthearted, humorous tone, while abstract art might be used to create a sense of mystery or intrigue.
  2. It can be created using a variety of media, including traditional mediums such as paint and pencil, as well as digital tools such as software programs and graphics tablets.
  3. It often relies on the use of color, line, shape, and other visual elements to convey meaning or create a particular effect.
  4. It can be expressive, imaginative, and symbolic, and may not adhere to the same rules or conventions as more realistic forms of art.
  5. It can be found in a wide range of settings, including movies, video games, advertising, and other forms of media.
  6. The term “stylized” can refer to any art that is characterized by a particular style or aesthetic, and can encompass a wide range of artistic approaches.

And at my blog, I am going to share TOOLS, TECHNIQUES, and TUTORIALS. I am going to explore the ART PROCESSES, testing different tools and techniques and experimenting with all different kinds of mediums. And if you are also interested in learning more about it, I am inviting you to join my journey of learning, studying, and sharing the joy of stylized art creation.

That way when can become better Artists, and have fun in the creation of our Pixel Art and Stylized Art. Kaboom. It’s that simple.

As you know, I am a 3D Artist and also consider myself an Unreal Engine Artist. That means I am dealing with all kinds of 3D Art Creation. Digital 3D Modeling, Asset Creation, and 3D Sculpting using all kinds of applications available. ZBrush (yes, I am a huge Zbrush fan), 3dsmax, Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, UE5, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, etc., etc., etc. the list goes on.

Stylized Character Concept Art

I am also diving into the world of 3D Printing, covering topics that will allow us to bring our artwork from the digital world, into our physical world. Yep, that’s right. How cool is that, if you can actually 3D Print your own artwork? It doesn’t matter if you created a personally stylized piece of art for your best friend, your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, etc.

Custom-made Artwork and the process of the entire creation is such a wonderful world to explore and I guess it never ends in learning more, and more and more.

Stylized Art Examples

Ohh boy. There are so many different fields to show Stylized Art Examples. It can be within Level Design for Games, Low-Poly Game Art Creation, High-Poly High-Fidelity Hyper Realistic Character Design, Cartoon Art, Comic Art, NPR Renders (Non-Photorealistic Renders), but also Photoreal Stylized Art, Product Design, Stylized Architectural Design, Stylized Fashion Art, Stylized UI Design, Automotive, Aviation, Retail, Jewelry, etc., etc., etc.

I used A.I. Generated Images and A.I. Generated Voices for the following short animated stories. It allowed me to tell a story, but furthermore. To visualize and concept a Teaser or Trailer in a very short time. See my AI-Generated Artwork in the Videos below.

Another idea I had, was ETERNAL LOVE. Believe it or not. But I was able to storyboard each of those short conceptual ideas within 8hrs.

Find below a list of some Stylized Art Examples

Anime: A style of Japanese animation that is characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.
Surrealism: A style of art that is characterized by the use of dreamlike, irrational, or absurd imagery to create a sense of disorientation or surprise.
Cartoon: A style of drawing that is characterized by simple, exaggerated, and humorous representations of people and animals.
Abstract Art: A style of art that is characterized by the use of non-representational forms and shapes to create a visual experience rather than depict reality.
Graphic Design: A style of art that is characterized by the use of text, images, and other design elements to communicate information or ideas in a visual format.
3D Sculpting & Modeling: Using Apps like Zbrush, Blender, Maya, 3dsmax, Cinema4D. Tools & Techniques allowing you to create any stylized form of art you can imagine
3D Printed Art: Let’s bring your digital 3D Art into our real life with 3D printed sculptures.
3D Printed Miniatures: Yes, how cool is that? Fanart. 3D Models printed with 8k 3D Printer using Resin.

The list goes on, and on and on. The Universe of Stylized Art seems to be an infinitive Source of Inspiration. How cool is that? So yes, on this page I am going to cover a few of the stylized categories. I am pretty sure you have also a favorite field, your own personal interest. We are all creators, and at the end.. heck yes, I love to connect with you and also learn from you. Your journey, your passion.

That is what makes me really rich, sharing & caring and learning from each other to become better artists.

Stylized Drawing

Pow. I am not a trained traditional Artist. I never went to College for Art itself. I wish I would have had the time & opportunity to learn from a pro or to have a Mentor that would teach me the fundamentals of drawing. I know it takes a lot of time, a lot of studies, and a lot of exercises to get really good at drawing.

If you can’t draw, or if you are at the beginning of learning drawing. That’s great. That’s also where I am. However. I also learned that a lot of things changed quite recently. Especially when AI Art started to affect our world.


Fundamental figure drawing, understanding of perspective, layout, etc. There is so much to talk about, so much to cover. If you don’t know. I live in the CA, in the Sout Bay Area, and I am basically weekly at Stanford University. I love the Campus. Unfortunately, I am not a student there ($$$$ – huiiii). Just being there for a walk is already refreshing. And if you are in the same area, let me know. We might be able to meet for an artsy coffee. lol;

Nevertheless, I am also trying to learn more about stylized drawing, exploring different styles and artists. Their ideas, tools, and techniques. So stay tuned and feel free to join me on slack. And because everyone is talking about AI ART. Yes, of course, I also cover that hot topic.

Stylized AI Art

I also explore AI Art and the use of different Applications. From Colab Disco Difusion, Midjourney or Dall E. However. I want to make one important statement, right at the beginning. When I use AI Art, I mainly use it for Concept Art or Concept Design. And if I use AI, I use it for that main purpose.

However. I always want to make one point absolutely clear. AI-Generated Art, is AI Art and should not be compared with Humanoid Art. Entering a specific Text Prompt into a machine-trained system doesn’t really give you the “physical” ability to be a humanoid artist. Read more about my personal thoughts on using AI Generators.

your skills, go vertical and find your niche as an Artist, so you can hopefully make a living with what you are doing. I will cover more about this in my blog. But this is definitely not the Art Creatin Section. It all belongs to the Art Business Section.

Stylized Painting

As we discussed. There are many different ways to create a Stylized Painting. Are we using a digital medium? 2D? 3D? Both of them? Or are we using a traditional painting medium on canvas? Oil Paint, Acrylic, Brushes, Spatula, etc.?


Yes, believe it or not. We can also create Stylized Paintings by mixing all kinds of digital tools and techniques, and at the end we 3D Print a stylized painting, so the Painting gets some depth on a Modern Canvas. And you can also use special glowing paint, add LED lights, etc., etc.

The options are endless. Your creativity, your Stylized Art, that’s what really matters will shape and transform the creation of modern Stylized Art. I personally love to create digital Sculptures using Zbrush. And once the digital Clay Model is created, it’s another creative and technical process to 3D Print your stylized Artwork on Canvas.

Stylized Concept Art

As I mentioned right at the beginning. I love to use AI for my stylized concept Art. And because I already put my “disclaimer” out there, and explained my point of view. Yep, I will continue to use AI for stylized concept art. It’s its own Art, but as I said. It’s AI Art that will not go away, but we will also never be able to compare it to handcrafted art.

After trying Disco Diffusion, Dall E and Midjourney. I like Midjourney the most. It’s the easiest, fastest, and most creative one I’ve been testing. But that’s just my personal choice.


I share all my prompts with the Public. And if you also have a Midjourney account, you can connect with me and see everything I am experimenting with.

I use AI Tools to create all different kinds of stylized concept art. From Portraits to Landscapes, Environments, Abstract Art, Product Design, photorealistic renders, Level Design, Game Design, Sculptures, yes even 3D Printing and VR Assets, etc., etc. Literally, for everything and anything you can imagine.

But this is just the “rough” and “raw” beginning. Because of the Stylized Concept Art created by AI, I don’t claim this to be my personal Art. I claim that to be an AI Art, that I use for inspiration. And from there, I start creating my own Art.

Once my AI-generated stylized concept art is created, my real process starts with 3d modeling and digital 3d sculpting using Zbrush. Followed by Texturing, Shader Creation, Lighting and Rendering. And yes, oftentimes I also create Animation work.

You are able to find all of my work on my Artstation profile, and also some of my work on my Instagram Account. And most of my stylized art tutorials can be found on my YouTube Channel.

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